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Honey dripping coconut milk rice, conch shell shped with bluebellvine blue | Traditional Food Home. This time Grandma was ready to give the children a sweet and delicious blue dish. Grandma took the blue from the butterfly pea and mixed it into the milk rice. Promotes graceful aging, Provides antioxidant support, Contains anthocyanins, Supports glowing skin, Contains versatile catechins, Potential cognitive support, Eases occasional stress are some benifits of Butterfly pea/bluebellvine.

The milk rice was made into a conch shell shape from a branch of a small coconut. A paste made by mixing sugar and coconut honey with scraped coconut was placed in the middle. These were garnished with banana slices, honey and raisins and the little ones ate deliciously. This is called Imbul Kiribath in our villages.
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