Herbal Porridge by Grandma (Village Cooking).

Herbal Porridge by Grandma (Village Cooking). My grandmother used medicinal porridge to make several different types of herbs. It's a delicious drink. A piece of jaggery makes it even sweeter. Preparation of porridge is common in Srilanka Village life. Among them, specialty porridge that made using herbs. Our grandmother also made herbal porridge for little ones today. She walks around the garden to find the herbs she needs. There she found Pennywort leaves. The villagers of Sri Lanka call this 'Gotukola'. It is very tasty and nutritious. Increased memory capacity is one of Health Benefit of Pennywort. Then she finds the green eggplant leaves. They improve heart health. Sri Lankan villagers call them "Elabatu' Then she finds Heartseed. It is considered an Increases Fertility food. The villagers call it "Velpenela" Indian sarsaparilla is a very herbaceous plant. Sarsaparilla is a potent anti-inflammatory plant. Sri Lankan villagers call it "Iramusu" and my grandmother uses it for herb porridge. The plant called "Polpala" is my grandmother's next choice. Knotgrass is its name. It shows antimicrobial properties. It is also used as a styptic and wound healing agent. .Grandma next collects Little Ironweed leaves called "Monaricudumbia" which are used to help symptoms associated with colds and flu. She next adds sessile joyweed to make her vegetable porridge delicious and quality. It is also known as "Mukunawanna" and is used as a leafy food. *** The required herbs are added to the porridge. Now it's time to get it ready. To increase the consistency and nutrition of the porridge, add well boiled rice to it. After adding the required amount of salt, the collected leaves should be cut off. You can also add coconut milk to make the porridge more palatable. Put the leaves and coconut together and chop finely to get a good liquid juice. Add water to the mixture of finely chopped leaves and coconut to make porridge. Grandmother makes sure to carefully pour the green liquid over the boiled rice. Prepare the porridge as required by adding the required amount of flame to the required amount of fire. *** Grandmother is ready to offer her herbal porridge made in this way to her grandchildren with love. Grandmother did not forget to add a piece of jaggery to make the herbal porridge more delicious. "Anu" "jayami" and "sathi" were added to taste the hot porridge. The three little ones love to watch as the porridge glass tastes great. *** We warmly invite you to subscribe and encourage us and stay with us every day #herbalPorridge #VillageLife


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